1. n. intestinal gas.
The baby has gas and will cry for a while longer.
I’m not too well, but I think it’s just gas.
2. n. nonsense.
All we got in class today was gas.
Hey, that’s about enough of your gas.
3. in. to talk nonsense; to brag. (See also gasbag.)
Pay no attention. She’s just gassing.
Stop gassing for a minute and listen.
4. in. to have a good time.
We gassed all evening.
Let’s go out and gas tonight, how about it?
5. AND gasser n. a joke; a prank; a wild time.
The party was a gas.
What a gas! I had a great time.
6. n. liquor, especially inferior liquor.
You want some more gas?
Pour me a little more of that gas, will you?
7. AND gas up in. to drink excessively; to get drunk. D Let’s go out and gas up!
I come home every night and find that you’ve been gassing all day.

Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions. 2015.